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Seafaris, since 1999

A little of history. . . We, Seafaris, started by taking tours along the coast to show the magnificent and unique cliffs and caves present in this paradise. After some time, the Sailors and Captains realized that it was also possible to observe dolphins here and that was how we became the first company in the entire Algarve to make Dolphin Watching tours.

Nowadays our customers can enjoy different experiences such as: Dolphin Watching, Visits to the Benagil Caves and Visits to the Ponta da Piedade Caves.

You can enjoy these experiences at Marina de Lagos.


The largest passenger transport inflatable boat in Europe equipped with two 440 kW turbine engines. The turbine propulsion system minimizes the impact on the dolphins’ natural habitat, making the boat quieter and avoiding the risk of collision with the propeller. This boat allows us to navigate the ocean safely and to maintain a dolphin watching success rate of approximately 95%. The vessel has a capacity of 28 passengers plus the crew.

Reduce Plastic Consumption

“The new species of the oceans: Plastic!” A phrase often said jokingly by people who work and live by the sea, but it’s the purest truth. Tons of plastic end up in the ocean every day, and not all of it is visible. It is estimated that plastic in the so-called garbage patches and on beaches makes up only 20% of the total plastic in the oceans. Use pitchers to filter water instead of buying plastic bottles, opt for cloth bags, store food in reusable containers, and when ordering items, choose sustainable packaging.

Avoid Harmful Products

Some chemicals cause significant problems for marine life. Therefore, when buying detergents and cleaning products, choose those that have sustainability labels, as shown below.

How to Protect Our Oceans

Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Your ecological footprint is the amount of natural resources from the planet that we use to create our goods and services. There are small changes that we can all make in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the planet. Opt for buying local products, reuse shopping bags, recycle, avoid food waste, reduce meat consumption, minimize water and electricity usage, use public transportation, and cut down on clothing consumption.

Buy Sustainable Fish and Seafood

Nowadays, due to the increasing global population, marine populations are steadily decreasing. Several species have already gone extinct, and numerous others are at risk of extinction due to overfishing and the loss of marine habitats. When buying fish and seafood, try to reduce the consumption of over-exploited species and always look for products with sustainability labels.

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